Week Nine

The final Presentation

On the final week. we start our presentation for the Visual environment, Since we use video to make our presentation, Hugh send the video link to everyone let them have a look by their selves. the presentation went very well Lecture asked us some question about teamwork and division. The guest lecture asked some question about VR and which company is working on it. Also, learnt that not everyone is friendly on the second life and some people could be mean and crazy when they under the mask of the network.

After this class, I got some new understanding of network security and privacy issues that I never thought about before. Also the experience about network course. Glad to choose this course as my optional class.

Written in December 21, 2018


Week Seven

Division everyone’s work

All the group members in the red group come from Visual communication 3rd years. So it will be much easier if we want to have a group meeting. Since we decided to make our presentation in a video way. I, Peter and Hugh had a group meeting to discuss the division of everyone’s part, and who will combine them into a video. I said would like to tell people about the principles of VR glasses. After the discussion here is the list of everyone’s work:

1.Introduction–Olly    2. Intro to technology over the years–Payter    3. Online shopping talking over–Hugh   4. VR and how it works–Ruifeng     5.VR shopping and what it is–Ben   6. pros and Cons of it–Cliona.

And later Hugh set up a google drive shared file to everyone that we could share our materials to Peter then Peter could make the video.

Written in December 21, 2018

Week 8

Presentation work

Since everyone’s work has confirmed It’s time to start my work, my job is to tell people the principle of VR glasses let them know how it works.

It’s weird that we talking about VR very often but we don’t know the principle of the VR. So I started looking up VR-related information on the website to understand how VR works. After research, I found VR’s working principle isn’t actually as hard as I thought, VR just uses the working principle of the human eyes. In the human eyes, people use the parallax of the left and right eyes to feel the surrounding 3D environment. In VR glasses, only the odd frames can be seen in the left eye and only the even frames can be seen in the right eye. This parallax gives people a sense of 3D. I record my presentation video and send them to the google drive with the pictures which I need for the presentation. A Chinese online shopping app named Taobao is working on the VR shopping, I believe we could enjoy that in the near future

Written in December 21, 2018

week Six

In this week our group start to think how to make our final presentation since we already decided to work on the VR shopping, the problem now is how to achieve this and how to division everyone’s work. We asked about John how to put our ppt into the Second Life and try to do our presentation by Powerpoint and set up the shared google file to all the group members But a few days later Oly says she can’t join the presentation on Thursday because of the preparing for the main course and she comes up with an idea about making a video and put everyone’s powerpoint and their introduction into the video, by that she doesn’t need to be in the class on Thursday. we all think that’s a great idea and decided to discuss the details in real life group meeting later.

Written in December 14, 2018

week five

Walking away…

Before the start of this week, John asked us to read an article written by Ursula K Le Guin. Which telling an impressive story about a town. This is a very happy and prosperous town, People live in here are full of happiness and bless. But the price of getting it all is to force a child to be tortured in the dark basement and never let it out. Every adult in that town knew it, lots of people keep living in the town but a few people decided to leave that place. We discussed in the class, in this situation will you leave the city or forget all this and keep living in the town? When we discussing some people said they will leave but for me, I won’t leave, Because I know we can’t solve anything even we leave the town. I will remember all the torture he suffered and try my best to make my life in the town better every day. This may sound very mean but this is the meaning of the child’s existence and suffering. Only if we keep living in that beautiful town. that child’s suffering does make some sense, We can’t stand this when we just hear this story, but when we really meet this situation I think most people will do the same thing which I want to do. Anyway, people are selfish.



First group meeting

mToday Hugh set up the group for Red group later we discuss in the group and decided to make our first group meeting in second life before the class takes place. we first talking about what final work we are going to do for this course but later we found that we are not very sure about that. so we decided to ask Mr Oconner after class later. Since we

After that, we move to other topic talking about how technology influences our life science from past to future.

We think this might could be our final topic, Then Olly gives an idea about the online shopping

once we saw this we all thinking this is a very good idea for this course then we were talking about how online shop changes our way to shopping and buy stuff that we want. then I thought a very good development of this Idea which is VR shopping, A famous Chinese online shop website called Taobao is just working on it to achieve this fantasy shopping manner in the near future later we told this idea to all our team members which a few people didn’t come, they all agree on this idea and we decided this as our final topic.

Week 2

After this class, Mr John ask us to visit three places in second life and write a trivial blog about this journey

The first place I travelled is the second life airport I don’t know this place just an arrangement or it’s really working if this thing really works it will be nice捕获.PNG1.PNGThe second place isn’t a very special place. I just hang out in second life city and suddenly a lot of paper people came out and full of the screen I don’t know what happened but it’s really weird and a little bit scared.4.PNGThe third place I visited is the snow mountain in second life I saw this mountain on the map and I quite like snow so I want to see how mountains appears in second life so I teleport to the mountain and visit this place.2.PNG